January 2018 PLO

Welcome to the January 2018 PIIC PLO at The Penn Stater!

January 8 - 10, 2018

January 8, 2018

Coaching 101.5

BDA – More than Meets the Eye!

Coaching in the Co-Taught Classroom: 3 people = 1 on 1

Coaching Out of Your Element

Maximizing Coaching Opportunities on a Part-Time Schedule

Adult Retreat: Designing Learning Opportunities for Adults
Adult Retreat

General Session: Beyond Basic Literacy…Disciplinary Literacy: A Vital Component for College and Career Readiness

January 9, 2018
Breakout Sessions - Round 1

Taking Action: Using Data to Drive Coaching Conversations

Coaching Teachers to Use the “F” Word
What Does the Coach do During Instruction?
external image icon_10_generic_list.png Jan 18 Tools for the During Pres.pptx
Coaching Like Sherlock
Growing Instructional Learning Visits to Teacher Agency

Creation Station: What Do Your Administrators and School Board Need to Know

Concurrent sessions: Tools for Coaching Disciplinary Literacy


January 9, 2018
Breakout sessions - Round 2

Coaching Through Graphic Novels: Reaching Out to Reluctant Readers
What’s the Buzz? To Literacy and Beyond (Reality)! Coaching to Increase Content Knowledge and Literacy Skills with virtual Reality
Engage Your Teachers – And Coach Them to Engage Their Students – with Sketchnote
Sketchnote (4)
Academic Discourse: Coaching the Use of Spider-Web Discussions, Literature Circles and Socratic Seminar

The Sensational, Sustaina
ble Six

The Deliberate Analysis


January 10, 2018

Is “Non-Evaluative Feedback” an Oxymoron?

The Power of Conversation 1.0

Self-paced Professional Development: A One-on-one-d
erland Awaits!

Listening with Curiosity Leads to Powerful Coaching Questions
Jiminy Cricket, the looking glass, and our own reflections
https://docs.google.com/presentation/d/1tWUDqBtj9GzD3q-DNCdOsJnB7Yn3cBZDM3G9JK32nzU/edit#slide=id.p3 ;
Hold Onto Your Many Hats!